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Just about every time I meet with a prospective client, the question comes up about what make The ProSEO group any different from the dozens of unsolicited emails they receive from other search engine optimization companies? It is unfortunate, but spammers or in the wild west days, snake oil salesmen, are always quick to jump onto a bandwagon where there is real opportunity. The spammers have recognized the fact that businesses need to have help getting their web sites ranked well in the search engines, if they wish to compete in the marketplace. Much like the old west days where legitimate medicines were being developed and other 'snake oil salesmen' entered the market to sell junk that just doesn't work. Does it make the legitimate medicines junk too? No absolutely not, but it does put a tarnish on the industry as ... [Readmore]

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Two sales after three weeks! Frank from Calgary ProSEO helped us build a plan to get our furnace repair business on the front page of Google. He told us that it would take between one to three months to start getting ...