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Front Page of Google

Watch our two minute video that shows you why you need to be on the front page of Google, if you want to be successful in your business.

Plus we will introduce who we are and our unique performance guarantee that takes all the risk out of it for you when you work with us at Pro SEO.

Latest News

What Is Google Local?

This is a great question, what is Google Local. Google Local is a set of thousands of free web sites that Google is giving away to local businesses. The whole idea is to give a local services the ability to create an electronic ‘yellow pages’ for web searchers. Google is…

On Page SEO

On page seo or search engine optimization is one of the only factors that you have complete control over to improve your web sites location in the search engine rankings. In my opinion, on page seo has two distinct parts associated with it. On Page SEO – The Overall Site…

How Technology Influences Business

Business changes on a constant basis as technology that drives business changes. For example, lets take a look at something that happened not too long back. In 1888, Richard Sears of Sears, Roebuck and Company published their first locally delivered catalog to rural farmers in the United States. What the…

Likeable Social Media – A Quick Review

Recently, I picked up the book by the author Dave Kerpen called “likeable social media – How to delight your customers, create an irresistible brand, and be generally amazying on Facebook (and other social networks)” First off, this isn’t your standard social media book. This book shows you examples of how to…

Basic Components of a Google Search

I’m asked by my clients quite often what are the different parts of a simple Google search and how do they get there businesses to show up there. In today’s video I take just a few moments to explain what the different components of the Google search are and how…

A Word About SEO Email Spam

Just about every time I meet with a prospective client, the question comes up about what make The ProSEO group any different from the dozens of unsolicited emails they receive from other search engine optimization companies? It is unfortunate, but spammers or in the wild west days, snake oil salesmen,…

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